Apple launches ‘iPhone 12 Studio’ to design new iPhone models with MagSafe accessories

In October, the new iPhone 12 series was announced with the updated MagSafe accessories. Today, Apple has launched ‘iPhone 12 Studio’, a new webpage to deliver a personalized designing experience of the iPhone 12 models with compatible MagSafe case and wallet. The new website is only accessible on an iPhone and iPad, and not on Mac.

This iPhone 12 Studio delivers a similar experience as the Apple Watch webpage, which allows users to select the model, its color, and then select which color case and wallet would go with it. However, it is only for design purposes and not an online store to make a purchase. Having said that, it is an interactive way for users to select the models and accessories virtually instead of going to the store, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

The MagSafe accessories magnetically attach to the smartphone and support wireless charging. The leather wallets and silicon cases are with MagSafe to support wireless charging.

iPhone 12 Studio

The iPhone 12 Studio – Mix.Match.Personalize

The new iPhone 12 Studio webpage allows users to custom design their iPhone 12 in five steps to select colors, cases and wallets for their preferred model.

  1. Select Model: Swipe left or right to choose among 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini, 6.1-inch iPhone 12, 6.l-inch iPhone 12 Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max.iPhone 12 Studio
  2. Design iPhone 12: Select the colors of the smartphone, case, wallet. Although the base and Pro models of the new flagship series are in different colors, the accompanying cases and wallets are of the same color for all models. Here are the available color options:
    • iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12: Black, Blue, Green, White, (Product)Red
    • iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max: Graphite, Pacific Blue, Gold, Silver
    • Cases: Deep Navy, Black, White, Cyprus Green, Kumquat, Red, Pink Citrus, Plum
    • Wallet: Black, Saddle Brown, Baltic Blue, California PoppyiPhone 12 Studio
  3. Add your name: Add in own or give the design an exciting name. However, it is optional to add a name.iPhone 12 Studio
  4. Choose view: See the design of the smartphone in the stacked or doubled up view.iPhone 12 Studio
  5. Download and Share: Download the design in the tall or wide profile depending on the medium user wants to share it on.iPhone 12 Studio

Use the exclusive #iPhone12Studio to share the custom design with a larger audience and via the hashtag view others’ designs too for ideas. The disclaimer of the iPhone 12 Studio makes it clear that each item on the webpage is subject to availability and is sold separately. As iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max are currently only available for pre-order and will launch on November 13.

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