Apple launches visionOS App Store on the web

Apple recently launched the visionOS App Store on the web, allowing users and potential buyers of the Vision Pro headset to browse available apps. This means you can now explore what kind of software is available for the device before you commit to purchasing it.

Apple App Store

Apple is making it easier for potential buyers to understand the value proposition of Vision Pro

Previously, users were only able to find apps one by one within the headset itself, which made it difficult to fully appreciate the capabilities of the Vision Pro. But now, the new web App Store has changed everything. With curated collections, the latest and greatest apps, and categories that cater to your interests, all accessible from your web browser, you can explore the world of Vision Pro like never before.

visionOS App Store

Just like the iOS App Store, the Vision Pro web store boasts a “Hot This Week” section, your one-stop shop for discovering the most popular and talked-about apps among the Vision Pro community.

From revolutionary collaboration tools to must-have educational apps, the “Hot This Week” section keeps you updated on the latest trends and ensures you never miss out on groundbreaking experiences shaping the future of mixed reality.

But the web App Store doesn’t stop at just highlighting popular apps. It also offers a comprehensive categorization system, allowing you to drill down and discover apps that align perfectly with your interests.

Whether you need a productivity app that lets you work in a virtual 3D environment or search for educational games that bring history to life, the Web App Store has got you covered. With categories spanning productivity, gaming, entertainment, education, and more, finding the apps that elevate your Vision Pro experience has never been easier.

Overall, the web app store provides a more convenient and assertive way to explore the world of Vision Pro apps.

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