DarwinAI acquisition to fuel Apple’s next-gen AI features for iOS 18

In a recent move to strengthen its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, Apple has acquired DarwinAI, a renowned Canadian AI startup specializing in optimizing AI systems for efficiency and privacy.

This acquisition marks a significant step for Apple as it gears up to unveil groundbreaking AI features in its upcoming iOS 18, signaling a renewed focus on on-device processing and privacy-centric AI solutions.

DarwinAI acquisition

Apple has a history of investing in its AI capabilities. In December 2023, reports emerged about the tech giant striking licensing deals worth over $50 million with major publishers like Condé Nast and NBC News. This strategic move aims to train their AI using high-quality, curated content, avoiding the potential issues associated with the vast and unfiltered data found on the open internet.

Apple leverages DarwinAI tech to drive privacy-centric AI features

DarwinAI has built a strong reputation in the AI industry for its expertise in making deep neural networks smaller and more efficient. This capability is crucial for Apple’s vision of integrating AI features seamlessly into its products while strongly emphasizing user privacy. By acquiring DarwinAI, Apple gains access to cutting-edge technology that can revolutionize how AI operates within its ecosystem.

One of the key reasons behind Apple’s interest in DarwinAI lies in its ability to enable more on-device processing. This aligns perfectly with Apple’s commitment to privacy, ensuring that sensitive user data remains secure within the device rather than being processed in the cloud. With AI features expected to permeate various aspects of Apple’s ecosystem, including Siri, Shortcuts, Messages, and Apple Music, the need for efficient on-device AI becomes paramount.

Apple Siri

Apart from technology, Apple also benefits from the acquisition in terms of talent. Notable AI researcher Alexander Wong, along with numerous other DarwinAI employees, has joined Apple’s AI division. This influx of expertise strengthens Apple’s AI team, positioning the company for greater innovation and competitiveness in the AI market.

Apple’s move to acquire DarwinAI is part of a broader strategy to catch up with industry leaders like Microsoft and Google in the AI space. CEO Tim Cook has hinted at major AI-related announcements in 2024, promising groundbreaking developments in generative AI. These advancements are expected to shape future iterations of Apple’s products, enhancing user experiences and pushing the boundaries of AI technology.

(via Bloomberg)

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