Apple to boost generative AI development by licensing news archives, possibly for AppleGPT

Apple is making a bold move to stand out in the saturated field of generative AI by taking a unique approach to its development. A new report from The New York Times sheds light on the tech giant’s approach, revealing multi-year, $50 million+ licensing deals with major publishers to train its generative AI.

This initiative aims to train Apple’s generative AI using curated and reliable content from reputable publishers such as Condé Nast, IAC, and NBC News.

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Apple inks $50 million deals with publishers for exclusive generative AI data

Apple’s strategy is to avoid the chaos, propaganda, and misinformation prevalent online, unlike other companies that scrape the vast, unfiltered internet for training data. By seeking partnerships with professional publishers, Apple aims to ensure a more controlled, reliable, and legally secure training environment for its generative AI systems.

While this approach sidesteps the pitfalls of internet-based training, it also poses challenges. The smaller pool of curated data could potentially lead to knowledge gaps in Apple’s generative AI compared to competitors like ChatGPT. The ambiguity surrounding Apple’s intended use of AI technology has made some publishers hesitant, fearing it could turn into a competitor rather than a collaborator.

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One notable point of contention is Apple’s proposal that publishers may be “on the hook for any legal liabilities” arising from AI integration. This clause raises concerns for publishers, as it implies potential legal challenges down the line, despite the significant initial compensation offered by Apple.

Despite skepticism from some publishers, others view Apple’s approach optimistically. Apple’s commitment to seeking permission and offering substantial compensation contrasts with other AI firms that have faced lawsuits for allegedly violating copyright laws during their training processes.


As Apple plays catch-up with competitors like Microsoft, OpenAI, Google, and Meta, its foray into generative AI signifies its determination to integrate advanced AI features, including a rumored “AppleGPT” chatbot, into its ecosystem. While Apple’s recent AI efforts may not have garnered as much attention as its competitors, the company is committed to closing the gap in the AI development race with a focus on its unique strengths.

(via The New York Times)

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