Generative Al chatbot, Apple GPT will not launch in 2024 predicts Kuo

Renowned tech analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the generative Al chatbot,  Apple GPT will not launch in 2024 as predicted by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg.

Recently, Gurman reported that the Cupertino tech giant was developing its own AI-powered chatbot called Apple GPT which would launch in 2024. He detailed that Apple GPT utilized a proprietary large language model (LLM) framework called “Ajax”, a machine learning framework aimed at accelerating research built using Google JAX.


Apple’s generative AI is “significantly” behind competitors

Although Apple has integrated AI across its devices and platforms like Siri, the tech company has not worked much on developing generative AI technology.

As Apple’s generative AI chatbot is far behind its competitors, Kuo stated that would not only skip discussion on AI at the upcoming Q3, 2023 earning call but also would not debut in its hardware and software products next year.

The progress of Apple’s generative AI is significantly behind its competitors, so I don’t expect Apple to talk too much about AI on the earnings call.

At present, there is no sign that Apple will integrate AI edge computing and hardware products in 2024, so it is difficult to benefit the stock prices of Apple and its supply chain.

Siri - Apple

Previously, former engineers told The Information that the company’s privacy policies negatively impacted the development of Siri and Apple AI, along with petty internal politics and unrealistic expectations.

Some engineers also said that the proposals to give Siri the capability to have a conversational interaction like ChatGPT were rejected over concerns that AI-generated content would be gimmicky and hard to control. And if that had been approved, Siri would have been a ChatGPT-like chatbot years ago. 

It is likely that privacy and security concerns have yet again hindered the progression of Apple AI and Siri to gain generative AI support.

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