PSP emulator, PPSSPP, now available on iOS App Store

PPSSPP, the renowned and beloved PSP emulator, has officially landed on the iOS App Store. This means you can now legally download the emulator and relive your favorite PSP classics on your iPhone or iPad.

For years, iOS users have been yearning for a legitimate way to emulate PSP games on their devices. Previously, playing PSP titles required jailbreaking or sideloading methods, which could be risky and cumbersome.

Thankfully, Apple’s recent policy shift regarding retro game emulators has paved the way for PPSSPP’s official App Store debut.

Free and open to all

Just like on other platforms, the PPSSPP app itself won’t cost you a dime. It adheres to the open-source philosophy, ensuring transparency and a community-driven development process. This means you can be confident about the ongoing improvements and updates.

Enhanced visuals

Emulation offers exciting possibilities beyond simply running old games. PPSSPP boasts the ability to upscale PSP games to high definition, offering improved visuals and a sharper look on your high-resolution iOS device.

Performance considerations

While modern iOS devices are generally powerful, there might be some slight limitations compared to other platforms. Apple’s restrictions on certain emulation features can affect performance in some cases. However, the developer assures that most PSP games should run smoothly on your iPhone or iPad.

Control your experience

Touchscreen controls are a built-in option for on-the-go gaming. But for those who prefer a more traditional console experience, PPSSPP offers excellent support for Bluetooth controllers. This allows you to connect your favorite gamepad and enjoy your PSP titles with the control scheme you’re most comfortable with.

PPSSPP controls

Bring your own games

It’s important to remember that PPSSPP, like most emulators, doesn’t come bundled with any games. To play your favorite PSP titles, you’ll need to acquire the game files in ISO or CSO format.

Owning a physical copy of the game and ripping it to a digital format is a legitimate way to obtain these files, but be sure to consult your local copyright laws.


Download the free version of PPSSPP from the App Store now, or upgrade to the paid “Gold” version with extra features for just $4.99.

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