Apple developing low-cost MacBook to compete with Chromebooks

According to a new report from Taiwan, Apple is gearing up to launch a low-cost MacBook series, targeting the education sector and aiming to compete head-on with the popular Chromebook models. This development is seen as a strategic move to expand Apple’s presence in the education market, which has been largely dominated by Google’s Chromebooks.

15-inch MacBook Air

Apple’s $500-$700 MacBook with M2 chip to arrive in the second half of 2024

According to industry sources cited by DigiTimes, Apple’s new MacBook series is set to hit the market in the second half of 2024. This move is part of the tech giant’s efforts to differentiate itself from its existing MacBook Air and Pro lines. While the outer appearance of the new MacBook series will maintain Apple’s signature quality with a metal casing, it will incorporate “different materials” to reduce costs, including lower-cost mechanical components.

Here are some additional details about the rumored low-cost MacBook series:

  • It could be priced between $500 and $700.
  • M2 processor.
  • 13- or 14-inch display.
  • 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.
  • It could have a backlit keyboard and Touch ID.

The decision to launch this new MacBook series appears to be driven by the lack of activity from major Apple suppliers like Quanta Computer and Foxconn in the first half of the year. This indicates that Apple is strategically planning to introduce this budget-friendly option to the market.

15-inch MacBook Air

The competitive landscape in the education sector tells an interesting story. Chromebooks have seen a meteoric rise in popularity, with over 13.9 million units shipped in 2019, soaring to 30.4 million in 2020, and further to 33.5 million in 2021, according to DigiTimes Research. This surge can be attributed to the affordability and functionality of Google’s Chromebooks, especially during and following the global pandemic.

While Chromebook shipments have somewhat slowed since the easing of lockdowns, they still maintain a considerable market presence. Educational institutions have shown a rapid inclination toward Chromebooks in recent years, overshadowing Apple’s iPad offerings, which have struggled to gain a foothold in the education sector.

This revelation about Apple’s plans to introduce an economical MacBook series is the first of its kind. Apple’s intention to price these new laptops below its premium MacBook offerings marks a significant shift in strategy. However, it’s important to approach this information with caution, as further confirmation from additional sources is needed to solidify these claims.

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