Apple to release VisionOS App Store developer beta this fall

Apple today announced that the new VisionOS App Store will be made available in a developer beta release of VisionOS this fall. The App Store will include apps and games built for VisionOS. In addition to this, it will also offer iPhone and iPad apps that are able to run on the Vision Pro headset.

By default, iPhone and iPad apps will be published automatically on the VisionOS App Store, as most frameworks in iOS and iPadOS are included in VisionOS. If an app requires a feature that is not available on Apple Vision Pro, App Store Connect will inform the app developer that it is not compatible and will need updates before it is made available to consumers.


VisionOS App Store to bring iPhone and iPad apps to Apple’s Vision Pro headset

Developers who need to make changes can use the VisionOS simulator in the Xcode 15 beta to interact with and test app functionality. Further testing can be done through a compatibility evaluation or at one of Apple’s developer labs. As outlined by the tech giant in the announcement post:

To see your app in action, use the visionOS simulator in Xcode 15 beta. The simulator lets you interact with and easily test most of your app’s core functionality.

Vision Pro - visionOS

As per Apple’s announcement post, almost all iPhone and iPad apps will be able to run on the Vision Pro headset without the need for adjustments. Developers who want to make an experience designed specifically for the Vision Pro can do so with the VisionOS SDK. Apps that use the VisionOS SDK will adopt the standard VisionOS system appearance and 3D content tuned for eye and hand input can be included. More information is available on Apple’s developer website.

What does this mean for developers and consumers?

The introduction of the VisionOS App Store marks a significant achievement for developers working on apps for Apple’s headset. This development promises to simplify the process of putting apps in the hands of users, offering a broader audience for developers to connect with.

One noteworthy advantage is that iPhone and iPad apps will seamlessly appear on the VisionOS App Store, eliminating the need for developers to undertake any additional steps to make their apps compatible with the headset.

Apple Vision Pro

For consumers, the arrival of the VisionOS App Store brings a wider array of app choices for the Vision Pro headset, enhancing the overall experience. This also streamlines the process of discovering and accessing the specific apps they want, making it more convenient and user-friendly.

Vision Pro

It is important to note that not every iPhone and iPad app will seamlessly work with the VisionOS App Store. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers verify the compatibility of their preferred apps before making a purchase to ensure a smooth experience.

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