Apple executives praise M1 iMac’s performance, continuity across devices and more

In an interview with CNN, Apple Director Platform Product Marketing Stephen Tonna, and Mac Product Marketing Manager, Laura Metz discussed the power of Apple Silicon in the new M1 iMac, in not only delivering great performance and finally achieving continuity across devices.

Last month, Apple introduced redesigned 24-inch iMac with a flat edge-to-edge design in seven vibrant colors. More importantly, the all-in-one computer is powered by the custom-built M1 chip and running on macOS Big Sur 11.3, which the executives say has delivered continuity which “is the linchpin of the Apple experience-iPhone and iPad and now on Mac. It might just be the perfect big screen and centerpiece to move your work onto.”

M1 iMac

Redesigned 24-inch M1 iMac has changed the computer experience with the unified ecosystem and compact design

Explaining the core concept behind the new iMac’s development, Tonna explained that Apple aimed to deliver consistency to run iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS apps and uniqueness “of more power to get stuff done.”

“We’ve continued to add more and more capability over the years because we know that our users love this and it’s a great technology to build on. With macOS Big Sur, iOS and iPadOS apps now run on the Mac. These apps are now designed for the same foundation of the Apple-made processor, and developers don’t have to do heavy lifting. Moreover, neither do you, as you can easily move an iPhone app to the Mac.

“I’ll start something on my phone and I want to finish it on my Mac, [the] dock icon pops up, I click on it.” The app opens in the same fashion as it was on the original device and Handoff is triggered intelligently by knowing how close your devices are to one another.

M1 iMac

Comparing Apple’s unified ecosystem to Samsung’s, Tonna said that Apple allows users to conveniently continue their work on any device by downloading data saved on the icloud and competing company has yet to achieve, this capability.

“It’s exactly our philosophy with how we build the hardware and the software, which is all about unique capabilities of the devices but having them work seamlessly together. And that’s an area where Apple has an edge. Samsung’s most recent Galaxy Book PCs are starting to work better with its Galaxy line of phones. But they don’t own the whole ecosystem from end to end — Galaxy phones run Android and PCs run Windows. It’s not the most straightforward puzzle to put together for these tech giants.

And all of that is made possible because of the M1, system on a chip. Metz said:

The new M1-powered iMac is built around Apple’s vision of its desktop computer: Its vision “has always been to make the computer disappear and just have it be what you need it to be in the home. It’s how Apple delivered this ultra-thin all-in-one Mac that still delivers strong performance, and in a very 2021 way, how it can be the centerpiece of your work-from-home setup.

M1 iMac

With the new compact design, executives say that the new display can fit in more places to allow users to continue their work on a larger screen with “efficiency and speed”. Speaking of hue, they said that the new M1 iMac feels like a throwback of iMac G3s in a contemporary design and feel.

“It is fun to see these pops of color,” Metz says. “As we were just starting to have iMacs roll in and we’re just seeing the color for the first time in person, like on a bigger scale. I mean, you just see the natural smile on my face. We were all cool, literally giddy, it was like truly this is happiness.”

iMac - design

The embargo on the new display will lift in the coming week, then we will have more hands-on knowledge of its design, and performance. Having said that, M1 MacBook Air, Pro, and Mac mini devices launched last year have had great reviews and are praised for the great performance and incredible battery life. We are expecting similar feedback for the new 24-inch display as well.

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