M1 MacBook Air blows 14″ LG Gram out of the park in performance, as per comparison video

Tech reviewer Max @MaxTech tested the M1 MacBook Air performance against 14- inch LG Gram and the result left him completely siding with the M1 MacBook Air. He compared the laptop’s body, sound, CPU and Graphics performance, 4K photo and video editing, and more.

In late 2020, Apple launched the first generation Apple Silicon Mac models. The company’s custom-designed M1 processing chip has impressively improved Mac’s performance. To see how the new Apple Silicon MacBook Air performed against Windows-based LG Gram, Max conducted a thorough test, and here are the results.

M1 MacBook Air

M1 MacBook Air vs. 14″ LG Gram – Performance Test

The M1 MacBook Air (MMA) weighs more than the LG Gram (LGG), but there is a lot more flex in the plastically LG body which affects the usability of its trackpad and keyboard. The thickness of both laptops is almost the same but the LG Gram has the advantage of more ports with HDMI, 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports, 2 USB ports, micro SD card reader, and headphone jack. Whereas, MacBook Air only has two Thunderbolt ports and a headphone jack.

The speaker quality and loudness were good on both devices but MacBook Air was slightly better in loudness and clarity of audio. Webcam and microphone quality, again, was good on both laptops but MacBook Air was slightly better in sound and resolution.

M1 MacBook Air

The display resolution of 13.3-inch M1 MacBook Air is sharper with 4.1 million pixels than the 14-inch LG Gram 2.3 million pixels. Comparing contrasts of the laptops, M1 has deeper blacks, colors are richer, and it features better color accuracy.

Now for the real differences, the performance tests legitimized M1 MacBook Air’s dominance in all aspects. The SSD speed, web browsing speed, CPU and graphic benchmarks, and gaming benchmarks were almost 50% higher on Apple Silicon MacBook Air than LG Gram.

M1 MacBook Air

Thermal on the LG Gram with a fan was higher than the fanless M1 MacBook Air, even in the Stress Thermal testing. The 4K photos and video editing and export times on the Apple Silicon MacBook Air were quick, and without latency. Therefore, the final verdict was that M1 MacBook Air wins hands down. Check the complete video here.


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