Apple execs explain why iPhone users should choose Apple Maps over competing apps

Apple executives David Dorn and Design Lead Meg Frost recently did an interview with CNN showing off the benefits of the company’s overhauled Apple Maps app including privacy, improved accuracy, and a brand-new 3D experience. Dorn and Frost went on to explain why iPhone users should choose ‌Apple Maps‌ over competitor apps like Google and Waze.

Apple Maps

Apple execs discuss overhauled Apple Maps platform in new interview

Apple’s product and design leads for Apple Maps, Dorn and Frost, discussed several reasons why the platform is the best choice for iPhone users. First is privacy, integration with Apple’s ecosystem, and the company’s commitment to improving the platform.

Apple Maps in iOS 15 also feature new 3D Maps which show detailed neighborhoods, buildings, commercial districts, and more. As for the 3D landmarks, each is created by hand. “We pick the amount of detail we find appropriate and create a 3D mesh of the building landmark itself. And we apply it to the base map,” Frost told CNN.

Frost expanded on the improvements to directions and navigations in the updated Apple Maps like 3D road details to help users easily navigate through cities like turn lanes, bus, and taxi lanes, crosswalks, medians, highways, complex interchanges, and more.

“At a glance, drivers can understand a complex intersection more quickly than ever before,” Frost said. “And that detail helps with that split-second decision of which turn they’re going to make. So we want it to be both safer and visually satisfying to navigate.”

Apple Maps

The updated app also offers an interactive 3D globe to show textures and contours of natural landforms like deserts, mountain ranges, oceans, rainforests, and others. “Before the new map, we had a two-dimensional product and we really had a flat representation of the world. So we took the opportunity to create a realistic globe that accurately represents the sizes of countries in 3D,” Frost said on the 3D globe.

Other tidbits include step-by-step walking guidance in augmented reality, transit updates, and curated guides.

Check out the full CNN interview here.

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