Apple mixed reality headset to offer iris scanning for payments and authentication – Report

A new report by Information claims that Apple’s highly anticipated mixed reality (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) headset will feature iris scanning for payment and authentication purposes.

Although Apple has not officially confirmed that it is working on a mixed-reality headset, several patents and industry sources have not only revealed the design and feature details of the alleged AR/VR headset but also claim that it is very close to launching.

Apple mixed reality headset

Apple mixed reality headset might offer an “intuitive” Apple Pay experience

In March 2021, tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple’s first AR/VR headset could feature both eye-tracking and iris-tracking capabilities for navigation, payment, and other purposes.

Eye-tracking system will be used for navigation, instead of a handheld controller, to allow for a smooth user experience. Eye-tracking would also mean that the system could optimize the interface for the user’s view, and reduce resolution in places where the user is not looking. Kuo says that Iris recognition, although unconfirmed, might possibly be used in the mixed-reality headset to offer an intuitive Apple Pay experience.

It appears that Kuo intel was accurate.

People familiar with the product told the publisher that the upcoming mixed reality headset would offer iris scanning tech to enable users to make payments and access accounts like they do on their iPhones with TouchID and FaceID authentication.

Apple’s device is expected to have the ability to scan the irises of people wearing the headsets so they can quickly log into their accounts simply by putting the devices on their heads, according to two people who helped develop the headset. The capability will make it easier for multiple people to use the same device and allow them to quickly make payments inside the headset, just as iPhones allow people to confirm payments using scans of their fingerprints or faces, the people said.

Apple mixed reality headset

Recently, Meta unveiled the Quest Pro headset for a mixed AR and VR experience. Soon to be available, the headset is designed as users’ doorway into the company’s metaverse. The launch of its new headset, several months before Apple’s, is likely to give Meta an advantage in the market. But, innovative tech offered by the Cupertino tech giant could beat the competition.

By the time Apple introduces its much-anticipated mixed reality headset—planned for sometime next year—Meta Platforms will have had the advantage of selling products in the category to the public for almost seven years. But Apple’s device will also have a few technological tricks up its sleeve that even the latest Meta headset can’t boast of.

Designed for gaming, communication, and media consumption, tech giant’s mixed-reality headset is expected to launch in early 2023 and will feature M1-like powerful processor, feature 8K displays, swappable headbands,  15 camera modules and support hand gesture recognition, voice control, skin detection, facial expression detection, and spatial detection.

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