Apple mixed reality headset will offer gaming, communication and other features

For a while now, rumor mills have been speculating on the launch of Apple mixed reality headset with AR (augment reality) and VR (virtual reality) capabilities. Expected to launch in 2022, it is reported that the device will offer a lot more than an immersive gaming experience. In his latest newsletter, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg writes that Apple’s mixed reality headset will offer gaming, media consumption, and communication features. 

Without sharing any product details, Apple CEO Tim Cook has talked about AR technology and how it can be used to enhance users’ experience on several occasions. 

Apple mixed reality headset

Powered by an M1 like chip, Apple mixed reality headset will offer an array of features 

Previously, tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that the launch of the Apple mixed reality headset is delayed to late 2022 or early 2023 time frame because Apple is developing a comprehensive ecosystem for the device which offers apps for media content, calling and others, in addition to an immersive gaming experience. He also claimed that Apple will power the AR/VR headset with an M1-like powerful processor to support high resolution, faster performance, and efficient battery consumption. Gurman’s claim corroborates those reports. 

Gaming should be a strong focus of the machine, especially given that it will have multiple processors, a fan, extremely high-resolution displays, and its own App Store. Look for Apple to position the device as a dream for game developers. Next, media consumption. I expect Apple to work with media partners to create content that can be watched in VR on the device. Third, communications. Look for Animojis and a VR FaceTime-like experience to be the new-age Zoom.

According to other reports, the alleged mixed reality headset could feature eye tracking and iris recognition technologies for navigation purposes, in place of a handheld controller. And it will be equipped with 8K displays and swappable headbands.

Gurman also predicted that in 2022, Apple will launch a redesigned iPad Pro, MacBook Air,  Apple Watch Series 8, and its first mixed reality headset. Click here to subscribe to his weekly newsletter ‘Power On’ for all the latest technology updates. 

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