Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses new repair program, AI, and autonomy in new interview

Last week, Apple celebrated the opening of its new and improved store at The Grove in Los Angeles. Apple CEO Tim Cook attended the celebration alongside the cast of the Apple TV+ original Ted Lasso. After the CEO was done greeting guests, he joined KTLA for a short interview.

Tim Cook

Tim Cook talks about ‘Self Service Repair’ and AI in a short interview with KTLA

Cook’s interview with KTLA’s Rich DeMuro was conducted at the refresh Apple Store at The Grove. On the topic of the store, Cook described it as a “place for people to come in and browse and come in and explore technology and find out what the products will do for them.”

Cook was then asked about the company’s recent decision to help customers repair their own iPhones and Macs by making repair parts and manuals available.

Well, we realized that there were some people who wanted to do this and that are trained to do this. They’re the Popular Mechanics crowd if you will, which I love and have been focused on my entire life. It feels good to put the manuals out there and get the parts out there that enables people to do this. Still, if you’re not comfortable doing that, we encourage you to come in the Apple Store and get it done for you. That’s still the best way for most people.

As for the Cupertino tech company’s future, Cook said that Apple continues to be  “very focused” on artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and autonomy. “We’re very focused on augmented reality, we’re very focused on artificial intelligence… we’re very focused on autonomy, we’re very focused on all these things that are core technologies, and we’ll use them in a variety of ways,” stated Cook.

When asked if Apple has something that is the next big thing, Cook said, “Of course… Apple will always have something that is the next big thing. And fortunately, we have a lot of things that are the current big things.”

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