Apple mixed reality headset might not be announced at WWDC as it faces software issues

Recently, Bloomberg reported that Apple mixed reality headset would be announced at the WWDC 2023 primarily because of the event’s audience. Since the Apple mixed reality (MR) headset is expected to cost $3000, the publisher argued that the device would appeal to developers who would be able to test it at the upcoming conference.

Now, tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the tech giant has pushed the mass production of Apple mixed reality headset from the second quarter of 2023 to the second half of 2023 because the device is facing software issues.

Apple mixed reality headset

Apple mixed reality headset is expected to launch with less than 500K units this year

Reportedly, the new MR headset will feature augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology to deliver a unique user experience. Running on “rxOS”, the headset will be used for gaming, video streaming, and video calling. 

Users will also be able to create their own AR apps via Siri and make online payments and login accounts via iris scanning. Because of these innovative features, Apple mixed reality headset is expected to drive the growth AR market.

Apple mixed reality headset

However, software issues faced by the headset have not only delayed its launch which might “hurt” the AR industry but also led to a reduction in its units. Kuo wrote:

The mass shipment schedule of components is still likely 1H23/2Q23, but due to postponed mass shipment schedule of the end product, Apple MR headset shipment forecast in 2023 will likely be less than 500k units, which is lower than the market consensus of 800k-1,200k units.

Therefore, the delay in mass shipment of this product may hurt optical industry’s near-term market sentiment. Major suppliers of Apple MR headset optical suppliers include Largan (lens), Genius (Pancake), Cowell (camera module), Primax (eyeball tracking module), etc.

Since a long gap between the announcement of a product and its availability is considered detrimental, Apple is likely to push the announcement in the second half of 2023.

It still needs to be determined whether the media event schedule (previously estimated in January 2023) will also delay, but usually, if the time frame between the media event and end product mass shipment is too long, it’s detrimental to promotion and sales.

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