New Apple Museum in Poland opening soon with over 1600 exhibits showcasing the history of the tech giant

Created for Apple enthusiasts and tech fans, the Apple Museum of Poland is set to open in mid-April. Found at the revitalized Norblin Factory complex in Warsaw, the museum will feature a complete collection of Apple gadgets allowing users to experience the “history and development” of the company.

Apple Museum Poland

Apple Museum in Poland opening in mid-April

With over 16,000 exhibits related to the development and evolution of Apple products, the products will be rotated periodically. The museum will showcase “the most complete and the largest collection in the world” presenting computers, laptops, accessories, telephones, software, peripherals, multimedia carriers with unique Apple materials, posters, and more.

The museum will also showcase devices and gadgets that failed or were not put into mass production by the Cupertino tech giant, making it an experience like nothing else.

As per the museum’s website, the first exhibit will feature the Apple 1, Macintosh 128K, the 20th anniversary Macintosh, and the iMac G3. The Apple 1 replica has been signed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The 320 sq.m will also use multimedia and promotional forms to display the tech giant’s 46-year history.

Apple Museum Poland

There will be interactive boards accompanying the products to explain each exhibition. With over 100 hours of video, Apple fans will likely find something of interest.

The museum had previously been operating at a temporary location in Piaseczno, however, the collection’s owner Jacek Łupina thought it was time for a change in scenery.

“The choice of our new location was not accidental. The Norblin Factory appears to be the most electrifying lifestyle center in this part of Europe. It is a place with magical cultural and social potential. A place where the spirit of the extraordinary history of Polish industry hovers, enclosed in a unique modernist-classicist architecture. The Norblin Factory is the quintessence of the mix of tomorrow resulting from yesterday. It is exactly like the Apple brand”

Additional information on the exhibits will likely be available soon. Currently, there is no set date for the official Grand Opening of the museum but it is slated for mid-April. Tickets can be purchased on the Apple Museum of Poland’s website here.

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