An Apple Music bug randomly adds and deletes songs

Several Apple Music subscribers are facing data leakage on the service. According to reports on Reddit, a server-side bug is causing issues like adding or removing songs from playlists, deleting entire playlists, and mixing up users’ content. However, the problem is only experienced on iOS and not on other Apple platforms.

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Apple Music bug adds random music from other accounts on iOS, no fix available for now

Apple Music syncs users’ data across devices via iCloud. And an iCloud syncing server bug is editing users’ playlists and impacting their Apple Music libraries by adding music from other accounts.

@fear_thegamer wrote, “Was going through my list and noticed a playlist was there which I didn’t create? Has anyone else experienced this?”

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Running iOS 16.3.1, @memeisland first reported that  “A random person’s playlists just merged with mine, and multiple of my own playlists have disappeared. What’s going on?”

The Redditor later updated that Apple Support was not able to resolve the issue and restore their lost playlists. 

Bit of an update, I called Apple support and they couldn’t do anything. Spent an hour going to through the motions, syncing, unsyncing, telling me someone could’ve accessed my account (impossible) etc etc.

They told me they can’t do anything and they have no way to revert or restore my music. The last Replay playlist I have now is from 2020, so that’s 2 years of music permanently gone. Insane.

It is likely that Apple will fix the issue in an upcoming update. And if it is a server-side bug, the company might fix it without releasing an update. 

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