Bing chatbot gets ‘Image Creator’ feature for creating virtual images

Microsoft is bringing a new “Image Creator” tool for its Bing Chat that uses AI to create virtual images. The new AI feature will use OpenAI’s DALL-E model.

DALL-E is an AI developed by OpenAI that is designed to generate digital content by natural language descriptions, and it is one of the popular image-generation tools.

Recently, Microsoft announced Copilot, a new AI-powered tool for Office apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. Copilot is powered by GPT-4 from OpenAI and will appear in the sidebar of Office apps, which will work much like an assistant to help users in generating content for documents, emails, presentations, and more.

Bing Image Creator

The Bing Image Creator feature will be available on the web, mobile, and on Edge

Microsoft has announced the integration of a new Image Creator, powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E, into its Bing chatbot. This feature allows users to create a virtual image by simply describing it to the chatbot using text.

The Bing Image Creator will be available in the Chat experience and will only be accessible using the “Creative” mode. However, users who are not in the new Bing experience can access the image creator from

To begin, start typing a description for an image with adding context like location or activity, and providing an art style will allow the Image Creator to generate a unique image.

Bing Image Creator

The image creation feature using AI is only available in the English language, but Microsoft will soon expand it to more languages.

Do keep in mind that not all Bing preview users can access the Image Creator right away, as it may take some time to become available for everyone. For those users who have been given access, the feature will be available on both desktop and the Bing mobile apps.

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