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Bing Snapshots Update for Android Works Just Like Google Now On Tap

Bing for Android has a brand new update which brings contextual search via a feature called Bing snapshots. When you long press the home button, Bing will scan the content in the current view, no matter which app, and contextual information and associated actions. If this seems familiar, it is because Google had announced Now on Tap feature for Android Marshmallow at Google I/O which does …

The Curious Case Of Microsoft’s Ever Changing Brand Names

Whether you are a Microsoft fan or not, you can not deny that they are one of the top companies in the tech industry that has changed the landscape of computing through decades of innovation. Although difficult to believe, yours truly, is one of the long term Microsoft fans who have kept an eye on the company and its products and been a user as …

Microsoft’s New Commercials Promote Windows Phone 7 and Windows Live Services

Microsoft advertisement has taken a U-turn ever since Windows 7 launched. There ads have meaning now and actually make sense to the average consumer. They show off why you should use the product and what its benefits are. The latest round of commercials from Microsoft does just that; show off the wonderful features of digitally connected devices and services in Microsoft’s ecosystem.

Bing App Updated for Windows Phone

Microsoft has announced new features of their updated Bing app for Windows phones. It has two new cool features in it. First change is that it has new redesigned home page and with better navigation options. These new navigation options will give faster access to users for common searches like Movies and Traffic.