New OpenAI-powered Microsoft Bing waitlist sees 1 million sign-ups within just 48 hours

Microsoft is currently asking users to join the waitlist to try the new Microsoft Bing experience and within just 48 hours over a million people registered.

After announcing a new version of its search engine Bing and Edge browser powered by AI like Open AI’s ChatGBT.  The company started a wishlist for those who wish to get early access to the new features.


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Microsoft Bing’s preview version for users on the waitlist could possibly be coming in the next few weeks

According to Yusuf Mahdi, just a few days since the announcement has passed and more than 1 million people have already signed up for that waitlist. Users who joined the waitlist will get an early preview of how the new AI-powered Bing will work. Microsoft is yet to announce exactly when people will get to test it, but the early preview will possibly be available to those on the waitlist in the coming few weeks.

It’s not surprising to see that more than one million people are thrilled to try Microsoft’s revamped Bing search. After Microsoft showed what the new Bing could do, the Bing app in Apple’s App Store saw a 10x increase in downloads. Meanwhile, the Microsoft Edge browser for iOS is also now the number three app in the utility category.

Users who have not joined the waitlist can still try the new AI-powered Bing, but do not expect to get all features to work. Currently, it supports limited queries that too are provided by Bing. When users are through the waitlist all of these limitations should go away and users will finally be able to try Bing with AI capabilities.

In addition, Microsoft has not mentioned anything about the AI model that powers the new Bing, but the company said that GPT-4 AI model is powering it. GPT-4 is more advanced than the existing AI model that powers ChatGPT.

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