Microsoft is working on native RGB lighting controls in Windows 11 for PC gaming accessories

Microsoft is working to make Windows 11 natively support RGB PC gaming accessories. This will include the ability to customize accessories with RGB lighting without needing to download any additional software.

Microsoft Windows 11

Windows 11 users will able to adjust brightness, lighting effects, speed, and colors without needing to download third-party software

Twitter user Albacore discovered early work for integrating this new lighting experience into Windows 11. Windows 11 settings interface will include options for adjusting brightness, lighting effects, speed, and colors. Even better, there is a feature that will match your accessories to the accent color of Windows.

As of now, RGB settings are controlled by peripherals made by companies like Razer, Logitech, and others using their own proprietary third-party software. The same controls would be provided natively by Microsoft’s upcoming “Windows Lighting” feature, which will eliminate the need to initially download third-party software.

An early version of the feature is surfacing in the most recent Windows 11 preview releases under a new “lighting” category in the Settings app and the functionality currently looks to be under internal development. Microsoft has not announced its lighting support for Windows 11 just yet, but the company is working on a number of features that are expected to come in a larger Windows 11 update this year.

Windows 11 is also getting third-party widgets soon, with ones for Spotify and Phone Link seen in developer builds. We have also noticed a revamp for the File Explorer user interface and some improvements to audio controls in Windows 11.

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