Google Search, Maps, and Translate gets new AI-powered updates

After Microsoft announced a ‘copilot’ chat AI experience for Bing and Edge, Google also announced new AI-powered enhancements to its Search, Maps, and Translate apps which are designed to improve the daily lives of users with a smarter, faster, and more intuitive experience.

Google Search

Here is everything new in the AI-enabled Search, Maps, Translate apps

During an event held in Paris, Google revealed several AI-enabled Search, Maps, and Translate updates so that better use is made in everyday life like the highlights feature which is a new way for videos and images to be read for a better understanding of, and Live View for Google Maps help to users locate restaurants, shops and other places within airports and much more.

Here are the new AI-features on across Google apps:

  • Multisearch on Google Search. Google evolving into more than just typing words. Through Google Lens, users can take a photo of a product and search for a different color variant and find an internet that is selling it. The feature was first released for the US and now all countries that have Lens can take advantage of the feature with support for more than 70 languages.
  • Immersive View on Google Maps. Google Maps which combines a 3D view of a certain area with specific information such as traffic and weather, is beginning to roll out in five cities: London, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Tokyo.
  • Features designed to assist EV drivers on Google Maps. Suggesting charge stops for shorter trips, a filter for “very fast” charging stations that have 150kW or higher, and mention of locations that have chargers indicated in search results for places like grocery stores or hotels.
  • Google Lens AR. AR feature in Google Lens that blends translated text into the image it came from is starting to roll out globally.
  • Google Translator. The new design of the application for smartphones is now available for Android and iOS, but a specific date is not announced.

Much of the new features will be released in the coming weeks in select locations and will be available to all in a few months. The event was focused on showing how Google is working on AI resources to improve its products taking advantage of the phenomenon of artificial intelligence to deliver more dynamic day-to-day. More importantly, Google wants to compete with companies like OpenAI which is advancing in the AI market.

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