Apple’s 27-inch display with mini-LEDs and ProMotion will not launch this spring

According to display industry analyst Ross Young, Apple’s rumored 27-inch display with mini-LED backlighting is no longer anticipated to launch in the first quarter of 2023.

Apple's 27-inch display

Analyst claims Apple’s rumored 27-inch display is facing delays

After Apple introduced the affordable 27-inch “Studio Display” in March 2022, it was reported that the Cupertino tech giant would also launch a 27-inch “Studio Display Pro” with mini-LEDs later in 2022. However, the rumored release date of the display kept on being pushed back month after month.

Young has previously stated that ProMotion, which permits up to a 120Hz refresh rate, will be supported by the panel. It’s possible that the display, which is expected to be 27 inches in size, could be a new iteration of the Studio Display, but it’s also feasible that it will be a brand-new design that falls between the Studio Display and the more expensive Pro Display XDR. The pricing of the current Studio Display, which has a 5K resolution but lacks ProMotion, is $1,599.

Young told MacRumors today that he has not observed any indications that the 27-inch display is going into mass production, indicating that a launch is not about to happen. In May 2022, Young reported that Apple pushed the launch of the 27-inch display from June to October because of COVID-19-related production disruptions. In October 2022, Young claimed that the display would launch in the first quarter of 2023


Apple 27-inch display

MicroLED technology uses tiny LEDs to create pixels, improving efficiency while providing more accurate color, high contrast for better HDR and viewing in poor lighting conditions, support for wider viewing angles, less chance of screen burn-in, low latency for higher refresh rates, and support for wider viewing angles.

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