Production of Apple’s 27-inch mini-LED display facing delays, expected to launch in October

A few months ago, Apple launch its highly-anticipated Studio Display. While the monitor received glowing reviews for its sleek design and stellar quality, it did not feature a mini-LED panel. A 27-inch mini-LED display from Apple was rumored to launch in June however it has been delayed due to COVID-19 related production disruptions. Now, an analyst has revealed that Apple will release the display later this year, possibly in October.

Apple mini-LED display

Apple’s 27-inch mini-LED display coming later in 2022

In a recent tweet, display analyst Ross Young said that Apple supplier Quanta Computer is moving the production of the mini-LED display to another location which is causing additional delays. Young further revealed that the Cupertino tech giant will launch the 27-inch mini-LED display in October. Previously, the display was rumored to be debuted in June, possibly at Apple’s WWDC event.

Apple leak! The 27″ MiniLED monitor has been delayed as it was going to be produced at Quanta in Shanghai which has been locked down. Production is in the process of being moved to a different location and has been delayed. It now looks like an October release.

Mini-LED display technology offers several advantages over LCD panels. The technology offers higher brightness and deeper contrasts. In addition, mini-LED backlighting will allow Apple to enable its ProMotion technology and offer a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Apple’s ProMotion technology automatically adjusts a display’s refresh rate as per the motion of users’ on-screen content. It makes tasks more responsive and saves battery life.

Apple Studio Display vs. Pro Display XDR

Apple’s current Studio Display costs $1,599 so it is fair to assume that the new 27-inch mini-LED display will feature a steeper price tag. However, Apple will likely price the display less than the Pro Display XDR since the mini-LED display would be a middle ground between the two.

It is possible that Apple could name the 27-inch mini-LED display the “Studio Display Pro” however there is no confirmation about the branding. Additional details about the display are unknown at this time.

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