Google and Bing enable Rio 2016 search experiences

With only two days left for Rio 2016, Google and Bing have announced updates to their services to help users stay up to date with the Olympics. Users will be able to stay abreast with medal winners, schedules, timings, venues and more, via Google and Bing.


Initiate specific searches via special key phrases:

  • Rio 2016 or Olympics – overview of everything
  • Rio 2016 schedule – the day’s schedule
  • Event type + Rio 2016- Specific events. For example, Gymnastics Rio 2016
  • Athlete’s name + Rio 2016 – specific athletes. For example, Usain Bolt 2016
  • Medal count 2016- overall medal count
  • Country name + medal count-specific medal count of a country

Google and Bing enable Rio 2016 search experiences

Google understands the significance of Summer Olympics and Paralympics 2016 for the world. The event has turned the host country, Brazil into a melting pot where 10,500 athletes from 206 countries will compete in 306 events to win medals for their nations. And as the events progress, the excitement and celebrations will increase too. Therefore, Google is facilitating comprehensive search via its platform for games’ timings and venues, schedules, medals, athletes, and results.

Users can also explore Rio and venues of the events around the country in Google Maps. Official highlights of the events will be available for more than 60 countries on YouTube while more than 30 countries will be able to search for TV schedules, and stay informed of the latest search trends around the globe.

Download Google App for Android and iOS to get automatic updates of top events and medal wins.


Bing will let users carry out searches of various components of the events, like schedules, games’ venues, medals, athletes, broadcast and live stream and more.

Google and Bing enable Rio 2016 search experiences 2

Initiate specific searches via special key phrases:

  • Olympics – overall view of everything
  • Olympic schedule – schedule of all events
  • Olympic Events to watch + date (for e.g.2016-8-5) – list of specific or popular events
  • Olympics Usain Bolt or Olympics Gymnastics – specific events and athletes
  • Medal count – updated medals’ list
  • County + medal count – specific country’s medals’ list

Besides search, Bing is also providing informative features to fully engross users in the events. Bing is using its Bing Predicts technology for a special viewing schedule called Events to Watch. Events to Watch are updated daily and daily suggestions of the most exciting events of 2016 are given based on projected upsets, new world records, and odds of an exciting event.

With information provided in the Events to Watch list, users can turn games into a socializing point among friends by making predictions on winners or events’ outcomes and waiting to see which ones come true.  An additional feature Bing Predicts Daily will provide fun factoids and stories of different events and athletes.

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