Follow Rio Olympics 2016 on Twitter, Periscope and Vine

The most anticipated event of the year, Rio 2016 will kick off today, Friday, 5th August, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Twitter, Periscope, and Vine have released special features, so their users have all the necessary tools to support and follow their nation or favorite teams.


Twitter has released special hashtags, formed official accounts and created emojis for users to join in the Olympics spirits and keep an eye on all the action during the games starting from this Friday to 21st August.

Follow the official accounts to stay updated on general and events specific information such as Torch bearing, medals count, game’s timings, venues and more.


View and join in the ongoing conversations on Olympics 2016 by using the following Hashtags


Twitter understands that fan’s support of their nations, favorite teams and athletes will not be complete without emojis. Therefore, in a few days, Twitter will release 207 country flags emojis, 50 Olympics and sports emojis, and an emoji to support the Refugees Team.

To insert a country flag emoji, tweet the three-letter country code hashtag.

Video Highlights

‘Twitter Amplify’ will make Video highlights of the events throughout the Olympics available for audiences in United States of America, Brazil, Germany, France, Japan, and Australia. More countries will soon be added to the list.

Follow Athletes

Users can also stay abreast with the latest Olympic updates by following participating athletes, who are on Twitter.

Using the Twitter app, iOS and Android users can follow Olympics-related accounts by tapping on the Connect tab.

Follow Rio Olympics 2016 on Twitter, Periscope and Vine (2)


Exclusively for the summer Olympics, Twitter Moments have formed a Rio 2016 section, so users can easily follow everything related to their home team till the end of the event.

An option to ‘follow country specific moments’ will also be made available and after selecting a country, users can view their team’s updates in their timelines. However, the Moments feature is only available in United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom and Australia. Country specific moments will be available in Japan, France, Germany, United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom and Australia.

Furthermore, users can read tweets on their favorite sports and events in their timeline by following them. If by any reason users did not get to see a day’s events, via Recap Moments they will get to see results, highlights, medal counts and more.

Periscope and Vine

Periscope (live video streaming app) and Vine (video sharing app) will bring fans closer to the games in their capacity.

  • A special Channel will be available on Periscope to feature all Olympics-related content uploaded by users.
  • In Vine’s mobile app, Olympics-related content (official Olympic account and other team accounts) in the Explore section will be made available. When users will double tap to like a Vine on those accounts, an Olympic flame will appear rather than a heart.

Exclusive Live Tweets feature for Rio

Exclusively for Olympic Fans in Rio, Tweets from around the globe will be projected live on Rio’s aqueduct Arcos da Lapa.

Follow Rio Olympics 2016 on Twitter, Periscope and Vine

Twitter conversations and Periscope videos will be brought to the streets of Rio via Twitter Buzz. Twitter Buzz, a customized tour bus, will drive around the city, displaying tweets and Periscope videos through its windows. The Bus will also offer free Wi-Fi.

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