Beats Studio Buds+ to feature Apple chip and advanced functionalities such as ANC

Apple is set to release iOS 16.4 soon, packed with exciting new features such as new emoji and web app notifications. However, what’s also interesting is that the RC update, which is currently available, includes support for an unreleased version of the Beats Studio Buds.

Beats Studio Buds

iOS 16.4 RC update hints at unreleased Beats Studio Buds+

As discovered by 9to5Mac, the new Beats Studio Buds+, which will reportedly have an Apple chip, is expected to come with active noise cancellation and transparency mode just like its predecessor, the regular Beats Studio Buds, which was released in 2021. But this time around, the new earbuds will come with additional features such as audio sharing and automatic device switching, making them similar to AirPods and other Beats wireless earbuds that feature an Apple chip.

The original Beats Studio Buds were powered by a proprietary Beats chip, which means they lack some of the more useful features of AirPods and AirPods Pro, as well as Powerbeats Pro. But this also means that the Beats Studio Buds can work across both Android and iOS ecosystems.

One of the features that Beats Studio Buds lack compared to AirPods is in-ear detection, which means that they won’t automatically play and pause content when you take them out or put them in your ears. Additionally, the earbuds lack support for automatic device switching and do not sync your paired devices across iCloud, so you’ll need to manually connect on each new device.

Beats Studio Buds

The Beats Studio Buds+ are expected to come with media controls for play/pause, as well as the option to press and hold to switch between noise-canceling modes. There have also been mentions of an unreleased model of AirPods, but it is unclear whether this model is a revision of the current regular AirPods or the rumored AirPods Lite.

It’s worth noting that the Beats Studio Buds+ have yet to be officially announced, and we’ll have to wait for Apple to reveal more information about these earbuds. Nonetheless, the new features that the earbuds are expected to come with will make them a compelling choice for users looking for high-quality wireless earbuds.

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