Apple Music gets new Monthly Replay feature

Apple Music has recently introduced a new feature called Monthly Replay, which enables subscribers to monitor their listening habits with more detail.

Apple Music

Dive deeper into your listening habits with Apple Music’s Monthly Replay

This feature is an extension of the existing yearly Apple Music Replay, which displays your top songs, artists, and albums for the entire year. With Monthly Replay, you can now view these statistics for each month, providing a closer look at how your music preferences change throughout the year.

Apple Music's Monthly Replay

Here’s what you get:

Monthly Replay provides you with the following data:

  • Top artists, songs, and albums: Monthly Replay reveals the tracks and artists that dominated your month, allowing you to discover new favorites or revisit forgotten gems.
  • Total listening time: You can track your music consumption and find out if you were glued to your headphones or took a break.
  • Monthly milestones: You can celebrate your listening achievements, such as setting a new record for minutes listened to or discovering a certain number of new artists.
  • Archived data: If you missed a month, you don’t have to worry because all your past recaps are stored for later viewing. This feature offers a fascinating timeline of your evolving musical tastes.
  • Seamless integration with annual Replay: Although Monthly Replay doesn’t have a personalized playlist yet, it integrates with the existing annual Replay features. Your 2024 Apple Music Replay Mix, a continuously updated playlist of your top tracks for the year, is already available in the app.


Monthly Replay is currently available on the web at To see your stats, you’ll need to log in with your Apple ID. Whether you’re a casual listener or a dedicated audiophile, this feature offers a more personalized and engaging way to connect with your music.

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