Apple will not repair iPhones that are reported as missing in GSMA Device Registry

In an internal memo, Apple states that its repair technicians at retail stores and Authorized Service Providers will now be notified if an iPhone brought in repair had been reported as missing in the GSMA Device Registry.

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GSMA is a global registry that allows device owners to register the status of their device in the event of loss, theft, fraud, or to indicate that it is under a payment plan. And it also shows recommended action to those that handle the device, if they come across red-flagged devices.

This information is valuable in the collective fight not just against device crime, but digital fraud and security issues too.

Mobile network operators and other device owners can contribute / flag their devices and status for others to receive and respond to. For example, if the device is reported stolen we share the information and recommend the device is blocked from network access and not bought or sold. There is a range of reason codes why devices are flagged using their IMEIs, today the reason codes include reported as lost, stolen, faulty, broken, or fraudulently obtained.

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Apple supports GSMA Device Registry to crack down on stolen iPhones

Obtained by MacRumors, the memo explains that if a message appears in the technician’s MobileGenius system that the device has been reported as missing, Apple technicians are instructed to decline repair service. The support of GSMA’s vast database will allow the company to crack down on stolen iPhones.

Apple expanding repair program

Although Apple offers features like passcode and Face ID authentication and Find My iPhone to discourage iPhone snatching, the smartphone can not be unlocked without its registered authentication method. The tech giant does not repair iPhones if the customer can not disable the Find My iPhone. However, some users do not have a secure passcode or have enabled the Find My iPhone enabled.

If an Apple technician sees a message in their internal MobileGenius or GSX systems indicating that the device has been reported as missing, they are instructed to decline the repair, according to Apple’s memo shared on Monday. The new policy should help to reduce the amount of stolen iPhones brought to Apple for repair.

Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers are already unable to service an iPhone if the customer cannot disable Find My iPhone, and this policy will help to prevent stolen iPhones that never had Find My iPhone enabled from being repaired by Apple. 

iOS 15, the tech company also upgrade Find My with the ability to track Apple devices even if they have been turned off. The new feature is designed to prevent theft.

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