watchOS 8.5 slows down Apple Watch Series 7 fast charging, especially with Belkin chargers

Apple seeded watchOS 8.5 to everyone on March 15 and soon after, owners of Apple Watch Series 7 reported that their smartwatch running on watchOS 8.5 no longer support fast charging with Belkin’s chargers.

Apple Watch Series 7 comes in larger display sizes and more health features. And to ensure all-day wearability, Apple equipped it with a new charging system that is 33% faster than its predecessor. Built on updated charging architecture and a fast-charging USB-C cable, the smartwatch takes only 45 minutes to go from 0 to 80% charge and gives up to 8 hours of sleep tracking on only 8 minutes of charge. However, the latest watchOS update has broken that fast-charging system for some users.

Apple Watch Series 7

watchOS 8.5 affected Apple Watch Series 7’s fast-charging capability with Apple and third-party charging cables

According to users’ complaints on Apple Support Forum and Reddit, initially, it appeared that the Apple Watch Series 7 fast-charging was not working with Belkin chargers.

I have the same issue after updating to watch os 8.5 with an Apple Watch 7, I think it is a software issue as I have another Apple Watch 7 running watchOS 8.4 and it charges fast, I tested them in 2 different belkin chargers. The 8.5 charges 10% an hour and the 8.4 charges fast as usual in both of them.@

I bought yesterday me and my wife 2 apple watch 7 and yesterday was working fine. Today made the update and i have original charge and original cable. Now our watches doesn’t charge. I’ve tried everything and same. @

Also having the same issue. I swapped the Belkin at apple a few days ago and it worked properly for about 10 min then went to slow charge again. I noticed it also creates an excess amount of heat when placed on the belkin. 100% an issue since the software update. Frustrating as the belkin was meant to replace the abundance of charge cords. Hopefully apple fixes this soon. @

watchOS 8.5 was released with new features like the ability to restore Apple Watch, add vaccination cards, improved irregular rhythm notifications, and others.

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