Apple pauses gambling apps ads in App Store after facing strong backlash from the developers community

Apple has paused showing gambling app ads on App Store pages after several developers expressed discontent with the distasteful ads appearing in their App Store listings.

Recently, Apple launched new ad placements in the App Store on iOS to offer developers new places to advertise their apps like the main “Today” tab and the “You Might Also Like” section to show recommended apps.

However, developers including prominent ones like Simon Stovring and Macro Arment raised questions on why Apple was showing ads of gambling apps which is “not okay”.


Developers criticize Apple for running gambling ads in App Store, “it’s not okay” to use casino ads to grow

Developer of Runestone, Scriptable, Jayson, and Datajar apps, Simon B. Stovring found that 3 out of 10 times visits to the product page for his app showed an ad for online gambling.

The developer said those ads were not okay because he also found a gambling app ad in the “Our Favorite Kids’ Apps”s section, along with his product pages in the App Store.

Macro Arment retweeted a screenshot of a gambling app’s ad shared by a developer @Jason Eccles who was complaining that he has paid hundreds of dollars to use the App Store’s new ads only to find ads for online gambling.

Arment expressed disappointment with Apple for taking money from apps that promote gambling.


MacStories editor-in-chief Federico Viticci also wrote that the App Store has corrupted Apple so much that it was now advertising gambling apps.

Can you imagine having $48.2 billion cash on hand and YET still thinking “ah yes, those House of Fun Casino ads will grow our bottom line, let’s do it”

After facing strong backlash from the developers’ community, in a brief statement, Apple said that it was pausing the gambling app ads and other categories but did not provide reasons behind the decision.

“We have paused ads related to gambling and a few other categories on App Store product pages.”

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