Apple pledges five years of iPhone security updates

Apple recently announced a minimum commitment of five years of security updates for iPhones, starting from the date the phone is launched.

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This new policy stems from the UK’s recently enforced Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) regulations.

These regulations require manufacturers of internet-connected devices, like smartphones, to provide minimum support periods for security updates. Essentially, it ensures your phone receives critical security patches to protect you from emerging threats.

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Importance of security updates

Security updates are critical for protecting devices against the latest threats. They patch vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers, ensuring that users’ data and privacy are safeguarded. Regular updates also improve the overall functionality and performance of the device.

A step forward, but not the whole story

While five years is the guaranteed minimum, Apple has a history of exceeding this timeframe. The iPhone 6s, for example, received security updates for nearly nine years after its release. This demonstrates Apple’s commitment to long-term iPhone security, even for older models.

However, it’s worth noting that some competitors, like Google and Samsung, currently offer a seven-year minimum guarantee for security updates on their flagship phones. So, while Apple’s new policy is a positive step, it doesn’t necessarily put them at the forefront of security update duration.

What this means for iPhone users

This new commitment from Apple offers greater clarity on how long you can expect your iPhone to receive critical security updates. Here’s a breakdown of the implications:

  • Enhanced security for five years (minimum): You can be confident your iPhone will be protected against known security vulnerabilities for at least five years after its release. This translates to a more secure mobile experience.
  • Potential for extended support: Based on Apple’s past record, there’s a good chance your iPhone might receive security updates for longer than five years.


Apple’s commitment to five years of security updates is a welcome change. It offers more transparency and strengthens iPhone security. However, it’s important to stay informed about your specific model and be aware that some competitors currently offer a longer minimum guarantee.

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