Lowe’s ups the kitchen design game with Apple Vision Pro

Lowe’s is piloting a new in-store experience that utilizes Apple Vision Pro to help customers design their dream kitchens. This is a first-of-its-kind program for a home improvement retailer.

Vision Pro

Transforming home improvement with augmented reality

Starting in select stores, Lowe’s is offering customers the opportunity to interact with the Apple Vision Pro headset. This experience is designed to showcase the potential of AR in visualizing home projects and making informed decisions about renovations and designs.

Here’s what you can expect from this innovative in-store experience:

  • Interactive demonstrations: Customers can wear the Vision Pro headset to view virtual models of kitchen, bathroom, and other home renovation projects. This immersive experience allows users to see how different styles, colors, and layouts would look in their actual space.
  • Product visualization: Using Vision Pro, shoppers can place virtual furniture, fixtures, and appliances within a simulated environment. This feature helps customers gauge how items will fit and look in their homes before making a purchase.
  • Home improvement apps: The Vision Pro supports a variety of apps tailored for home improvement. Lowe’s Style Studio, for instance, leverages spatial computing to let users design the perfect kitchen or living space, view 3D models, and make adjustments in real time.

Lowe's Apple Vision Pro

Expert help along the way

Lowe’s understands that kitchen design can feel overwhelming. That’s why they have knowledgeable associates on hand to guide you through the process. These experts can answer your questions, offer suggestions based on your needs and preferences, and help you navigate the vast design options available through Lowe’s Style Studio™.


The launch of the Vision Pro experience at Lowe’s represents a significant advancement in the retail sector. By integrating AR technology into the shopping experience, Lowe’s is not only enhancing customer engagement but also setting a new standard for how consumers interact with products and make purchasing decisions.

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