Apple creatively promotes iOS ATT and Mail privacy features in new ingenious ad

iOS 14, Apple introduced App Tracking Transparency and Mail Privacy Protection features to protect users and their data from digital brokers who often use invasive means to create profiles of their digital footprints to show targeted ads.

apple iOS privacy

Apple explained that an iPhone needed that protection because it is users’ most personal device that contains their most private information like pictures, contacts, e-mails, passwords, audio and video message, and more. However, digital advertisers have been very critical of these iOS privacy features.

Therefore, Apple has released a new ad “Data Auction” to showcase the significance of privacy and the control the company gives to users to protect themselves from data vultures.

apple iOS privacy

Apple’s iOS privacy feature protects users’ privacy from devious “data auctions”

The new ingenious ad released on Apple’s official YouTube channel starts with a young girl, Ellie discovering a secret room in a store that was holding an auction of the personal and private data on her iPhone, “a digital treasure trove”.

apple iOS privacy

The auctioneer sold her opened and read emails, purchases, location data, contacts, transactions, browsing history, and texts as young Ellie watches on as the bidders happily buy her information without her consent.

However, being an iPhone user, Ellie was not helpless. She took control by enabling “Ask App Not To Track” ATT  and Protect Mail Activity privacy features when the auctioneer was going to present her photos for bidding. Immediately, the items and the bidders vanished in the air. 

iPhone has privacy features like App Tracking Transparency and Mail Privacy Protection that help you control who sees your data and who doesn’t.

apple iOS privacy

App Tracking Transparency feature gives users the control to opt-in tracking; the option to accept/decline apps’ requests to track their online activity across third-party apps and websites. And Mail Privacy Protection protects users’ privacy by preventing email senders from obtaining their Mail activity data by hiding users’ IP addresses so senders can not determine their location.

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