Apple releasing iOS 17.4 in March with new App Store changes in the EU, Apple Podcasts transcripts, and more

Apple is set to release iOS 17.4 in March, introducing some exciting new features and changes that will completely transform your iPhone experience.

This update will offer revolutionary changes, particularly for European users, along with captivating podcast enhancements and expressive emoji expansions catering to diverse needs and desires.


iOS 17.4: Feature breakdown for the March update

App Store Changes in the EU

iOS 17.4 will bring a significant shift for users in the European Union. Apple has unlocked the gates of the App Store to comply with new regulations, allowing users to install apps from third-party sources. This means users now have access to a wider range of apps, giving them greater control over their devices than ever before.

Apple Podcasts transcripts

iOS 17.4 introduces transcripts, which mirror the familiar lyrics feature for music. Users can now easily follow captivating narratives, search for specific moments, or catch up on missed segments while listening to podcasts on the go. This addition enhances accessibility and engagement, making podcasts an even more immersive experience.

Tesla x Apple Podcast

SharePlay for HomePod

SharePlay, the feature that synchronizes music, movies, and more across devices, now extends its reach to HomePod speakers. With this feature, users can sync their favorite tunes or movie nights with friends and family, creating a collective experience. This adds a new dimension to social gatherings and casual entertainment, fostering connection and shared enjoyment.

100+ New Emoji

Communication takes on a vibrant new layer with the introduction of over 100 new emoji. Users can now express themselves with the majestic phoenix, a refreshing slice of lime, or a well-placed broken chain to show disapproval. Even head-shaking gestures, both vertical and horizontal, are now available, allowing for nuanced and expressive communication without words.


Preparations for next-generation CarPlay

iOS 17.4 harbors more beneath the surface, with essential bug fixes, performance improvements, and the groundwork laid for the much-anticipated next-generation CarPlay, expected later this year. These seemingly subtle changes contribute to a more refined and stable user experience, solidifying iOS 17.4 as a valuable update.

Other changes and updates

  • Bug fixes and security improvements: As always, the update will include various bug fixes and security improvements to keep your iPhone running smoothly and safely.
  • Performance enhancements: You might see some performance improvements with the update.

iOS 17.4 is shaping up to be a significant update, offering more control, deeper podcast engagement, and a wider range of self-expression tools.

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