Apple reportedly working on new “Home Accessory”

Apple is reportedly developing a new home accessory, identified as “HomeAccessory17,1,” according to recent leaks. This device is distinct from the HomePod and Apple TV, indicating a fresh addition to Apple’s lineup of smart home products.

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MacRumors, a well-known source for Apple leaks, stumbled upon code suggesting Apple’s development of a new device codenamed “HomeAccessory17,1”. This identifier follows a similar naming convention to the “AudioAccessory” used for the HomePod, hinting at a potential smart home product.

The excitement intensifies when we consider the number “17,1” in the codename. This numbering scheme often aligns with Apple’s chipsets, and speculations suggest it might be equipped with the upcoming A18 chip expected in the iPhone 16 lineup later this year.

The A18 chip would provide significant processing power, hinting at a device capable of more advanced functionalities than the current HomePod.


tvOS and the whispers of “homeOS”

The leaked code also suggests that this “HomeAccessory” might run on a variant of tvOS, the operating system powering Apple TVs. This aligns with the software used on the HomePod, further solidifying its potential role within the smart home ecosystem.

What could this new device be?

While details are scarce, speculation leans towards a smart speaker with a built-in display. This would directly compete with offerings from Amazon (Echo Show) and Google (Nest Hub), allowing for richer interactions and visual feedback within the smart home environment.

When can we expect more?

With Apple’s traditional September event around the corner, it’s a prime timeframe for potential announcements. The leak also mentions references to new Apple TV models, suggesting a packed unveiling event focused on bolstering their home entertainment and smart home offerings.


While the leak offers exciting possibilities, it’s crucial to remember that these are just speculations. Apple remains tight-lipped about the “HomeAccessory17,1.”

However, this leak serves as a fascinating springboard for discussion, painting a picture of a potentially powerful and feature-rich addition to Apple’s smart home ecosystem.

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