In two years, Apple has saved over $6 billion by removing power adaptor and Earpods from iPhone boxes

Starting from iPhone 12 series launched in 2020, Apple stopped providing power adaptors and Earpods in the iPhone boxes. In a new report, MailOnline estimates that the move has saved over $6 billion (£5billion) for the tech giant.

Although Apple explained that the move to no longer provide power brick and headphones was taken for environmental reasons to reduce e-waste from landfills and by shipping more boxes at a time, to reduce carbon emission during transportation, critics are not convinced.


The tech giant continues to sell power adaptors and Earpods separately and their removal did not translate into a reduction in the price of the new iPhone models. Critics allege that the decision to remove accessories from the iPhone boxes was to yield more profit and not for environmental reasons.

Since 2020, Apple has charged £19 for a new plug or earphones. Critics argue that if it had passed on the full savings, including an estimated 40 per cent reduction in shipping costs as smaller packaging allows 70 per cent more devices on each pallet, iPhone prices would be lower.

Apple saves $35 on every iPhone by making the boxes lighter and slimmer

The tech giant aims to be completely carbon neutral by 2023 and its head of environment, Lisa Jackson said that over the years, customers had accumulated power adaptors and “producing millions of unneeded adapters consumes resources and adds to our carbon footprint.” But the fact is, Apple is still producing power adapters, it is just not shipping them in iPhone boxes anymore.

According to the report, the iPhone maker has saved $35 (£27) for each iPhone which accounts for more than $6 billion in the past two years.

Experts believe that Apple, whose new iPhones cost up to £1,549, could be saving about £27 on each phone. The analysis takes into account that while the adapters and earphones sell for £19, they are far cheaper to produce.

Since announcing the move, Apple is thought to have sold 190 million iPhones worldwide. Total gains from removing chargers and earphones, plus reduced shipping costs, could be as high as £5 billion, with an additional estimated £225 million from the sale of accessories.

apple -iPhone 12 box-recycle

Chief analyst at technology experts CCS Insight, Ben Wood said that the tech giant is helping the environment and saving money by removing power bricks and Earpods from iPhone boxes.

Apple is the phone industry market leader in helping the environment, with removing chargers and headphones one of many things it is doing. But of course there is a cost saving to Apple in removing chargers and headphones when it sells iPhones.’

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