Apple seeds macOS Sequoia Beta 3 with iPhone Mirroring, enhanced window tiling, and more

Apple has recently released the third beta of macOS 15 Sequoia to developers, bringing a host of exciting new features and improvements. As we eagerly anticipate the public beta later this month, let’s dive into the details of what this latest beta version has to offer.

macOS Sequoia

Key features and enhancements

iPhone Mirroring

One of the standout features in macOS Sequoia Beta 3 is iPhone Mirroring. This feature allows users to mirror their iPhone screen directly onto their Mac. Whether you’re looking to view apps, photos, or messages, this seamless integration enhances the overall Apple ecosystem experience.

iPhone Mirroring

Enhanced window tiling

Apple has also introduced improvements to window tiling in this beta. Users can now enjoy more flexible and intuitive window management, making multitasking more efficient. The enhanced tiling feature allows for better organization and use of screen real estate.

New passwords app

Security and convenience go hand in hand with the new Passwords app. This dedicated application is designed to store and manage passwords securely, providing users with a centralized location for all their login credentials. The app integrates with iCloud Keychain, ensuring synchronization across all Apple devices.

Safari improvements

Safari, Apple’s native web browser, receives notable upgrades in this beta. Enhanced performance, improved privacy features, and a more streamlined user interface are some of the key highlights. These updates aim to provide a faster and more secure browsing experience.

macOS Sequoia Safari

Live audio transcription in Notes

The Notes app now includes live audio transcription capabilities. This feature allows users to record audio and have it transcribed in real time within the app. It’s particularly useful for capturing meeting notes, lectures, or personal reminders.

Apple Intelligence features

macOS Sequoia Beta 3 introduces Apple Intelligence, a suite of advanced AI-driven features designed to enhance productivity and creativity:

  • Text editing tools: AI-powered text editing tools help users write more effectively by offering grammar suggestions, style improvements, and more.
  • AI image creation: Users can leverage AI to create and edit images, adding a new dimension to their creative projects.

Accessing the Beta

Developers can access macOS Sequoia Beta 3 through the System Settings app on their Mac. Apple has made it simple for developers to download and install the latest beta, ensuring they can start exploring the new features immediately.


The third beta of macOS 15 Sequoia is packed with innovative features and enhancements that promise to elevate the user experience. From iPhone Mirroring to advanced AI capabilities, Apple continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with its operating systems.

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