Apple stops signing iOS 15.6, downgrade from iOS 15.6.1 version is impossible

Apple recently released the iOS 15.6.1 update to the public with two essential security patches. Following its release, the company stopped signing iOS 15.6. Now it is impossible for users to downgrade their devices from the latest iOS 15.6.1 version.

iOS 15.6.1

Apple stops signing older iOS versions after the public release of a new version as per its standard policy. The company explains that the latest software updates include new features and improvements to enhance users’ experience and more importantly, they feature significant security fixes to protect users from malicious malware or vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is imperative that Apple devices run on the latest OS version.

Secondly, new iOS updates make jailbreaking tools ineffective because jailbreak of the latest iOS version is not immediately available. As users can download various apps on jailbroken iPhones that are not approved by the App Store review process, Apple strongly condemns jailbreaking iPhones.

The company argues that unapproved apps can weaken iOS security and make the device vulnerable to malware. Therefore, Apple restricts jailbreakers’ options to either stay on the older version or update by not signing older software versions.

iOS 15.6.1

Downgrades from iOS 15.6.1 to iOS 15.6 are no longer possible

In July, Apple released the iOS 15.6 update which included new options to restart a live sports game already in progress and pause, rewind, or fast-forward for the TV app, and fixes for Settings that displayed device storage was full even if it is available, performance issue of braille devices and Safari’s tab that revert back to a previous page.

Now, that the tech giant has stopped signing iOS 15.6 version, users can no longer downgrade their compatible devices from the latest iOS 15.6 version. In case a compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch needs to be restored, the device will be automatically upgraded to iOS 15.6., the current latest stable version.

iPhone users are highly recommended to update their smartphones to iOS 15.6.1 version because it patches two security vulnerabilities that might have been exploited in the wild: Kernel and WebKit vulnerabilities gave access to attackers to execute arbitrary code or any command on the affected devices.

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