Google TV brings new improvements to enhance performance and resolve storage issues

To enhance users’ viewing experience, Google TV has introduced new performance improvements to load content faster, a “Free up storage” menu to resolve storage issues, and other under-the-hood changes.

In 2020, the search engine giant launched Google TV as an advanced version of Android TV. The new OS for smart TV sets and other compatible devices offers a variety of third-party streaming services all in one place like Disney+, Apple TV+, Netflix, and Prime Video for users to enjoy a vast library of movies, shows, live TV channels, and other content.

Google TV

Google TV offers a faster “For You” tab to access content quickly

Now, Google TV has enhanced its performance by adding CPU optimizations and improvements to cache management to let users quickly access content through the “For You” tab on the Google TV home screen. Here is everything new on the video streaming platform.

  • Improved “For You” tab
    • Reduces the time taken by the Google TV home screen to load at startup for users to start browsing movies and show faster. 
    • Improved navigation for smoother scrolling within a tab and more responsive switching between tabs.
  • New “Free up storage” menu 
    • Allows users to clear their cache and uninstall apps, easily. This will resolve the storage space issue. “Just go to Settings > System > Storage > Free up storage, and you’re there”. The feature has been released to Chromecast with Google TV and will be available on supported smart TVs through an upcoming update.
  • Updated kids profiles 
    • The new image caching optimization eliminates latency to reduce the time it takes to switch to Kids profiles and start browsing.

Apple TV on Google TV

As per the announcement, the company has also made some under-the-hood changes for handling app installations to minimize the appearance of storage-related errors. And the new updates have started to roll out and will be available on all devices over time.

Since the launch of Google TV almost two years ago, our goal has been to deliver an experience that makes it simple and quick to access the entertainment you love, all in one place. We’ve heard your feedback and wanted to share updates on some improvements we’ve made over the last few months, and some that will be coming soon.

Reportedly, the OS will also be launching up to 50 free live TV channels.

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