Apple Store app celebrates its 10th anniversary with a virtual Easter egg

The Apple Store app commemorated its 10th anniversary on Thursday with a virtual surprise. If users types “10 years” in the Apple Store app’s search bar, a pair of balloons will float up and jump around their screen until they are tapped on to pop and disappear. Users can also drag the balloons around on their screens with their fingers.

The Apple Store app provides users with a more personalized experience when shopping for the latest Apple products and accessories, to search for an Apple Store in their vicinity, and schedule an appointment at the retail store directly from their iPhone and iPad. The app also gives recommendations based on the Apple products a user already owns and which accessories are compatible with their devices. Users can easily keep track of their orders via the Apple Store app.

Apple does not usually add easter eggs in its apps but has does so to celebrate special milestones or holidays. In 2017, when users typed the phrase “let it snow.” in the search bar, snowflakes would start to fall from the top of their display. And if they shook their device, the snow would move like it was in a snow globe.

Apple Store app offers ‘Shop with Specialist’

Apple now offers exclusive one-on-one booking for customers to shop safely at its retail stores, amid the global pandemic. These sessions can be booked via the appointment option in the Apple Store app. This feature enables users to schedule a 15 minutes appointment with a specialist to help buy their desired product in as little time as possible.

Since the large-scale impact of COVID-19, health officials strongly advise large public gatherings. Consequently, Apple stores re-opened with a limited number of people at a time in an outlet. Hence, the Apple Store app helps customers save time by scheduling a visit, quickly getting the guidance they need in purchasing their items, and avoid having to deal with long waiting queues. Learn how to schedule a ‘shop with specialist’ appointment’ here.

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The most recent update added a “For You” section to the app that gives personalized recommendations for the specific accounts that are logged in. Users can find a new iPhone that is best suited for them by comparing it to their current iPhone model. The Apple Store app is compatible with iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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