Apple Stores have a new “System Stability” diagnostics tool to evaluate iPhone unexpectedly restarting issue

Apple has provided a new diagnostics tool “System Stability” to its experts at retail stores and authorized service providers to check the unexpected restarting issue of iPhones according to MacRumors.

The “System Stability” is compatible with iPhone 11 and newer models. The new diagnostics tool will evaluate the affected iOS device’s analytics logs to know how many times it unexpectedly restarted in the last fourteen days and determine if it is a software or hardware issue.

Apple support - iPhone

The affected iPhone will be eligible for hardware repair if Apple’s new diagnostic tool finds it restarted unexpectedly in the last 14 days

In an internal memo, obtained by MacRumors, the company instructs its repair experts at Apple Stores and authorized service providers how to handle the iOS devices experiencing unexpected restarting issue.

They are told that if the diagnostic test finds that the iPhone restarted or displayed the Apple logo or a spinning gear unexpectedly, it is eligible for a hardware repair.

And if the affected device passes the diagnostic, the technicians should direct the customers to a new support page titled “If your iOS or iPadOS device restarts or displays the Apple logo or a spinning gear unexpectedly”.

Apple support - iPhone

The document recommends how to check the software and hardware of the iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch which unexpectedly restarts, shuts down, or displays the Apple logo.

  • Check software: Users must make sure that the device and apps are updated to the latest software versions.
  • Check hardware: check the device’s battery health through Settings > Battery > Battery Health.
  • Restart frozen devices or relaunch non-responsive apps. 

In case the issue persists even after following the recommended fixes, customers are asked to contact customer support.

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