Apple Stores are leading sellers of iPads and Macs in the U.S., not iPhones

The market survey of Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) reveals that Apple Stores are leading sellers of iPads and Macs in the United States but they only sell a fraction of iPhones. 

In addition to third-party vendors, Apple’s products and services are sold at its physical and online stores. The tech company heavily invests in the architecture of its retail locations which are designed as state-of-the-art buildings with floor-to-ceiling glass panels, wood interiors, video walls, and more, and employs a huge retail workforce to assist customers.

Apple Store

Apple Stores are the mother-ship for Apple purchases in the U.S.

Looking at the beautiful buildings, if you have ever wondered why the company spends capital on physical stores when it can sell products with no additional cost at its online stores and through partnerships with other sellers like Amazon, Best Buy, and others. 

Apple Store

CIRP has answered that question; Apple Stores are profitable. 39% of Macs and 29% of iPads are sold at Apple’s retail locations in the U.S.

  • Most iPad most at Apple (online and retail stores) and Amazon
  • Most Macs are sold at Apple (online and retail stores) and Best Buy
  • Most iPhones are sold at mobile carriers, and Apple (online and retail stores)

Apple Store

Based on the data, the research concludes that Apple’s retail stores are leading sellers of the company’s products maybe because they offer a unique personalized shopping experience. Customers not only get to purchase devices, but they also get to try them out, get expert guidance, attend Today at Apple sessions, and much more.

For those of us who live near one or more of the 272 US Apple Stores, they appear to be the mother-ship for Apple purchases, and extends that reach. We’ve long cautioned against the conventional wisdom that Apple’s retail operation dominates sales of Apple products, however, and recent data from our current Apple customer research confirms that.

We analyzed Apple’s three dominant products: iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. In the US, Apple’s retail operations (both physical stores and online) are the leading seller of iPads and Mac computers, but sell less than 40% in each case.

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