How to use emojis keyboard feature on Windows 11

Microsoft added support for emojis on Windows 8 to offer users a better way to convey emotions as plain text can be boring and inexpressive sometimes.

Now, Windows 11 also offers the same fun texting or messaging experience as on mobile to share characters, items, hearts, and more with family and friends. In this guide, we show you how to use emojis on Windows 11 with an emoji keyboard.

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Here’s how users can use emojis on Windows 11

The Emoji keyboard not only contains emoji but also offers Japanese-style kaomoji, GIFs to shorten the dialogue and convey more without typing much, and an improved search feature. Emojis, stickers, and other lists can get very long, so having a search feature is useful. The Clipboard History section is now also available inside the emoji keyboard, which is capable of storing up to 25 last copied entries and supports text, HTML, and images.

  1. On the keyboard, simply press hold the Windows key + :(semi-kolam) key or . (dot) key and the Windows emoji feature will appear.Emojis feature guide 1
  2. Now, to use the emoji feature in a text message or any other app you want to use > press hold the Windows key + :(semi-kolam) key.Emojis feature guide 2
  3. GIFs.Emoji feature guide 4
  4. Japanese-style Kaomojis.Emoji feature guide 5
  5. Punctuation and symbols.Emoji feature guide 6
  6. And Clipboard you can turn it on and use it.Emoji feature guide 7

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