5 best-hidden features on Windows 11 you may not know about

After Windows 11’s official release, Microsoft is still keen on adding new features and trying to improve the PC experience. In this guide, we are bringing you 5 best-hidden features in Windows 11 that you may not know and which are very useful. 

Windows 11 hidden feature guide

Here are 5 best-hidden features on Windows 11

Second Start menu

    1. Windows 11 also has a second Start menu and there is a shortcut.
    2. Simply tap-hold on the Windows key then follow it with the X key on the keyboard.Windows 11 hidden feature 1
    3. In the second Start menu, a menu of options will appear, which contains important Windows functions like the command prompt, control panel,  task manager, settings, etc.

Storage temporary files clean up

    1. Open Settings.
    2. Click on the storage option.
    3. Windows 11 hidden feature 2Click on Temporary files.Windows 11 hidden feature 3
    4. Inside temporary files, click on remove files > continue.Windows 11 hidden feature 4
    5. It will take a while and will remove all unnecessary files.

Focus session

    1. Focus mode is a useful feature whenever users want to relax or while working want no disturbance, open Start > search for Clock > open.Windows 11 hidden feature 5
    2. Inside the Clock app, starting from 15mins up to 240mins you can set the focus session. You can also set up Spotify to listen to music while relaxing or working.Windows 11 hidden feature 6

Spatial sound

    1. Yes! spatial sound is available in Windows 11 but is turned off by default simply go to Settings > click on the sound option.Windows 11 hidden feature 7
    2. Click on the headphones option.Windows 11 hidden feature 8
    3. Below you will see an option for “Spatial sound” > simply change the option from off to “Windows Sonic for Headphones”.Windows 11 hidden feature 9

Dynamic Refresh Rate

    1. Open settings > click on the Display option.Windows 11 hidden feature 10
    2. Click on advanced display.Windows 11 hidden feature 11
    3. From there you can see an option where you can adjust your screen Hz depending on how high or low your PC display is compatible with.Windows 11 hidden feature 12

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