Apple’s chip supplier TSMC fires seven employees for leaking information about its clients

Apple’s long-term chip provider, Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has terminated seven employees for leaking information of the company’s clients. Apple is one of TSMC’s biggest clients.

TSMC- semiconductor shortage

TSMC fires seven employees at once for leaking orders’ details to the press

Without stating the reason for termination, TSMC announced that it had fired seven employees for violating its “core values.”

In a statement, TSMC said it had fired seven employees at once, saying it issued an internal notice last week to inform the entire company of a move ahead of the long weekend of the four-day Mid-Autumn Festival that ended Tuesday.

The seven employees did not belong to a single department, and there were various reasons behind the breach, but no further details were provided.

The manufacturer added that TSMC “always operates on the company’s most important principles of integrity and integrity, so employees must follow these core values ​​when working for the company.”

However, WorldAKKAM reports that the employees were fired for leaking confidential information about orders from customers.

According to local media, the employee fired was either the head of the equipment department or an engineer. There were reports that the order information was leaked to outsiders, and there were reports that the company’s rules were violated due to investment methods and non-compliance with work schedules.

With over 56,000 employees, the manufacturer has only terminated one or two employees in the past but never seven at once. Recently, the information of the company’s increase in chip cost was leaked, and ahead of iPhone 13 announcement, it was leaked that Apple has ordered more than 100 million A15 chips from TSMC and that Apple and Intel will be the first companies to adopt the manufacturer’s next-generation silicon built on a 3nm process by 2022.

Like its supplier, Apple is also working on rooting out employees who leak confidential information to the press. Frustrated Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed his disapproval of the few people who breach the company’s policies.

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