Apple lines up suppliers for its own 5G chip in 2023 iPhones

Apple is preparing to work with multiple suppliers to manufacture its upcoming 5G modem that is expected to be used in 2023 iPhones.

The suppliers that Apple is talking to include Advanced Semiconductor Engineering technology (ASE) and Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL). Both these suppliers have also worked with Qualcomm to assemble 5G modems for iPhones.

Apple is currently partnered with TSMC to produce most of its new in-house 5G modems, and ASE and SPIL could help diversify the supply chain. 

Apple 5G 2023 iPhones

Apple is partnering with more suppliers to produce in-house 5G modems for 2023 iPhones

As reported by DigiTimes, Apple is expecting to ship 200 million new iPhones in 2023, which means it will have to depend on multiple suppliers.

Apple is estimated to ship at least 200 million new iPhones in 2023, and will surely rely on multiple partners to handle backend processing of its in-house 5G modem chips and RF transceiver ICs, based on its regular supply chain management policy for its devices, the sources added.

Apple and TSMC are already testing production of the in-house 5G modems using the 5nm manufacturing process, but are expected to move to the 4nm process when mass production is to start. The same 4nm node is expected to be used for the upcoming A16 Bionic chip in 2022 iPhone models, as well as 2022 iPads. However, by the time 2023 iPhones hit the market, Apple will have moved to a 3nm process through its partnership with TSMC.

It has previously been reported that Apple’s 5G modems will not be integrated into A-series SoC, which will make it likely that the A-series chip will be based on 3nm process, while the 5G modem will be produced using a 4nm process.

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