Apple Support app update now shows warranty status for products

Apple has updated its Support app for iOS with updated coverage details for device benefits and warranty coverage. The app also adds support for receiving reservation reminders via text messages and phone calls.

Apple Support App

Apple Support app now supports coverage status and App Clips

In its latest update, Apple has made the Support app more useful than ever before. The app already provided quick access to support for all the Apple products and services that a person owns, but now it has expanded with this new update to provide a coverage section. This coverage section provides details of the warranty for each product, broken down by hardware coverage and technical support, as well as Apple Care+ details.

Users can also select a new option to receive reminders of their reservations for Apple Store visits via text messages or phone calls.

Along with the update, Apple has also made it easy for users to receive coverage details using an App Clip from Apple’s support website if they do not have the Support app installed. Once the serial number or IMEI of a device is entered in the “Check Coverage” webpage, an App Clip pops up. When users tap on ‘Open’, it shows detailed coverage information of the device, as well as all devices tied to the user’s Apple ID. Users can tap on any of the devices to see more details and their individual coverage statuses.

App Clip is a feature in iOS 14 and later updates, so users would need to have the update installed on their iPhone or iPad to see it.

If you usually have support requests or have multiple Apple devices, it is a good idea to have the Apple Support app installed on your iPhone or iPad, so you can easily access coverage status, remaining warranty period, and quickly contact support if required.

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