Apple CEO Tim Cook will speak at Europe’s biggest startup and tech event in June

For the first time, Apple CEO Tim Cook will speak at VivaTech which is a European startup and technology conference. Held in Paris, France, the event is centered around innovation and startups which is attended by executives, investors, developers, young coders, and other tech enthusiasts. And who better to encourage innovation than the leading executive of a $2 trillion company.

Tim Cook- VivaTech

Tim Cook will speak at the European tech conference, VivaTech

The event was founded by Publicis Groupe and Groupe Les Echos in 2016.  This year’s VivaTech event will be held on June 16-19 virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is likely that Tim Cook will address the conference online.

Other top executives at the tech conference are as following:

  • Will Shu – CEO of Deliveroo
  • Eric Yuan – CEO of Zoom
  • Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of Facebook
  • Thomas Kurian – CEO of Google Cloud
  • Thierry Breton – Le Marché Intérieur – Commissaire Européen
  • Peggy Johnson – CEO of Magic Leap
  • Stéphane Richard – CEO of Orange
  • Arvind Krishna – Chairman & CEO of IBM
  • Ken Hu – Deputy Chairman of HUAWEI
  • Brad Smith – President of Microsoft
  • Margueritte Berard – Head of French Retail Banking of BNP Paribas
  • Dan Schulman – President and CEO of Paypal
  • Thibaud Hug de Larauze – Co-Founder & CEO of Back Market
  • Mitchell Baker – CEO and Chairwoman of Mozilla

Tim Cook- VivaTech

With several unprecedented achievements, Tim Cook is regarded as a “fantastic manager”. Warren Buffet expressed that Cook has a remarkable way of doing things, different than Steve Jobs but just as effective.

So it’s an extraordinarily– Apple– it’s got a fantastic manager. Tim Cook was underappreciated for a while. He’s one of the best managers in the world. And I’ve seen a lot of managers. And he’s got a product that people absolutely love. And there’s an installed base of people, and they get satisfaction rates of 99%.

It’s an extraordinary business. But I do want to emphasize that, in his own way– it’s a different way– but Tim Cook is– we see a lot of managers of a lot of businesses, and you’re looking at two great ones on both ends here. He’s handled that business so well. He couldn’t do what Steve Jobs obviously could do in terms of creation. But Steve Jobs couldn’t really, I don’t think, do what Tim Cook has done in many respects.

In spite of  Apple’s impressive $64.7 billion revenue in fiscal 2020 fourth quarter, Tim Cook earned  $14 million pay in 2020 which modest by S&P 500  standards. Interested participants can purchase their tickets on

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