TIME magazine names Apple in its 2022 list of 100 most influential companies

Apple has once again been named in TIME’s top 100 most influential companies list for 2022 as a “titan” with the publication saying the tech giant is flexing its power with momentous privacy features for users.


Apple highlighted in TIME’s annual list of 100 most influential companies

TIME magazine says that its annual list “highlights businesses making an extraordinary impact around the world”, across sectors including business, entertainment, sports, politics, science, health, and more. The selection criteria is based on leadership, innovation, success, etc.

The publication said that Apple was “flexing its muscles” throughout 2022, and it focused on the company’s privacy features in its piece – like the controversial App Tracking Transparency (ATT). The feature was called a “momentous step” that the Cupertino tech giant marketed as a win for user privacy. 

Apple and CEO Tim Cook last year took the momentous step of allowing users to block advertising companies from tracking their app use, a technique used for ad targeting. Apple marketed the change as a win for user privacy—and users appear to agree, with most opting out.

App Tracking Transparency

TIME also noted that ad-dependent companies like Meta and Snap were worried that the ATT framework would impact their revenue. Since its debut, ATT has resulted in tens of billions of dollars in losses for such companies.

Many antisurveillance activists welcomed the development, but others noted that it underlined Apple’s huge power. And in earnings calls after the changes, ad-dependent tech giants like Meta and Snap blamed Apple’s move for “headwinds” that resulted in tens of billions of dollars in losses.

Apple’s ‘Self Service Repair’ for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models in the United States was also highlighted in the piece. The program which will provide the required manuals, parts, and tools for DIY repairs, is expected to debut soon.

Apple was also named in TIME magazine’s top 100 most influential companies list of 2021 as a “leader”. The tech giant was listed due to its record-breaking Q4 2020 earnings in which it earned $111 billion, launched new hardware and services – amid a pandemic.

Other companies in the “titan” category of the list include Meta, Ford, IBM, Microsoft, Alphabet, Pfizer, Netflix, Disney, and Amazon.

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